Friday Favorites

I have a lot that I am feeling thankful for right now, along with quite a few items that I am especially enjoying this week! Lets take a look at a my favorites!



Last Friday, I traveled down to Springfield to attend the Fresh Grounded Faith Women’s Conference with a couple of my favorite people. The short little getaway and time with friends was just what I needed. We heard from Jennifer Rothschild, Lysa TerKeurst, Laura Story and worshipped with Meredith Andrews. I came away from that wonderful weekend with my cup full! Already, I am missing the amazing ladies (and little lady) that I spent the weekend with and can’t wait for my next visit back to south Missouri. I love you girls!



While in Springfield, we went to lunch at the Aviary Cafe. I hadn’t even heard of the restaurant before, but I am glad I was with friends who had. This little place was the cutest! I loved their decor and the food was AMAZING!!! I didn’t take a photo of my meal (because I was starving and started eating right away), but I had the Turkey Bacon Swiss Panini with Pommes Frites. It was so so good! Also, I may have made two trips to the bathroom just so I could take a photo of this little sign…




Seriously, if you have little ones and have never used these before go buy them. I picked mine up at Target about a month back and just started using them like crazy. With runny nose weather, these are the perfect alternative to regular tissues. Camden still doesn’t like to have his nose wiped, but they get the stuff that gets stuck on (gross, but it happens) and they smell really good!



My last haul from from Bath and Body Works was 95% wallflowers that I could use over the fall season. I pulled this one out the other day and I am in love! Before, Leaves was my favorite fall scent for my wallflowers, but now, it’s Carmel Pumpkin Swirl. It could even carry over into the Christmas season…so good!


2015-11-11 11.36.26

These two go hand-in-hand (haha, get it?!) for me this week! I am so sore after working hard to get caught up on workouts for you guys and my fun nails are part of the reason I enjoyed my workout on Wednesday. There is something about looking down in the middle of a burpee and seeing pretty nails. Fun fact, my life is so crazy busy keeping up with Cam that I still have only one hand completed. My right hand just has an accent nail…and yes, I have worn them out in public this way. I am starting a new trend that will be followed by new mommies everywhere!


2015-11-11 13.10.10

This little guy turned 10 months old yesterday. Where has the time gone?! I hope to get a full update out next week. This little clip is from our family photos that my sister took. He made some of the funniest faces in them. I look forward to sharing more of them with you guys. Oh, and I am loving 10 months…total curiosity…see following photo!

2015-11-12 11.39.57


You guys made the list!!! In all seriousness, I am so grateful for every one of you who have texted me, sent me an e-mail or even talked to me about how much you are enjoying the blog and all that it entails. I am so excited to be back at it after nothing for almost two years (I know, some of you never knew I blogged before…I pretty much deleted it all and decided to start over). I really hope that you will continue to follow along!

For now that just about sums it up. I hope you have a great weekend and I will leave you with this last photo just for fun…


What are some of your current favorites?