Lazy Weekend & Fun on the Farm

This weekend started out nice and slow Friday night. Mat had plans to help with a Discipleship Now at an area church which meant Camden and I had the evening to ourselves. We spent plenty of time downstairs in the swing. If I go down to the basement with Camden and he sees the swing, but I don’t put him in it he continues to stare at it and fuss when we go back upstairs. It is definitely his favorite!


After sleeping in a little Saturday morning, we got around and headed up to my parents farm for the day. One of the perks of being five hours closer is that we can drive up for the day and enjoy some time in the country. Grandma and Grandpa were very excited to see Cam and had fun playing with him. Now that he is crawling all over the place, we are all on high alert…a fireplace hearth is scary with a 9-month-old!

Later that afternoon while the little guy napped (with grandma on standby), I helped my dad move equipment. There is an old church that is empty we passed by. I am very intrigued by old buildings and told my dad that I wanted to look through the window. Check out the detailed woodwork on the ceiling!


Once we got back home and Cam woke up, I tried to take advantage of the pretty fall foliage and took a few photos. I wasn’t too successful and at one point, my parents dog took Camden down completely. I am that mom that can’t help but laugh when these things happen and was totally cracking up. We did snag a semi ok photo of the two of us!


Our drive back home had such BEAUTIFUL views of a vibrant sunset! I really miss evenings like we had that night on the farm. You can see the sunsets so well and just kick back and enjoy the crisp fall air.


Sunday, I did a lot of relaxing with my two favorite guys. What little work that was done went into making Pumpkin Spice Cookies and my fall favorite, Taco Soup. If you missed my recipe for the tasty warm crockpot meal, check it out HERE!


I hope that you all have a great week!