A New Season

It’s hard to believe that once again the seasons are changing. Just as we transition from Summer into Fall, I find my life in a sort of transition as well.

Not even two months ago, our family of three moved five hours away from all that we knew to what I always thought of as the “Big City”. Our friends are all in the small town we moved from along with the house that we called our “home” for over five years.

In this new season, I find myself searching for familiarity in an unfamiliar place. I know that with time I will make relationships that will last a lifetime AND find all my new favorite restaurants.

I just switched blogging platforms making this a new start as well. Through my blog you will read about my life, recipes I am enjoying, workouts I am challenging myself to do and so much more. I really hope that you decide to join me and follow along on this adventure. If you have anything you would ever like me to blog about or any questions please leave a comment on my post or e-mail me at 

I am so excited for this new season and all that it holds…just like FALL!!!