Lets Be Real: My Messy House

All too often the only “real” we see is what we experience for ourselves. This inaccurate perception of reality is all too common in today’s day and age. I have decided to start a series called “Lets Be Real” where I talk about various topics I don’t feel are spoken of or shown in a real or honest light. The opinions in these posts are my own. If you don’t agree with what I say that is fine, but in this little blog I will continue to share my thoughts and opinions with you.

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 9.41.26 AM

Raise your hand if you have a floor full of toys in your living room, maybe a covered kitchen counter or bags from a trip that have been sitting packed up for over a week since you got back {slowly raises hand looking around room for others to follow suit}!

This was my view from the living room into the entryway on Monday. Camden drug my straightener out of my bag, the IKEA catalog off the coffee table and we had toys everywhere!

IMG_4414When I became a stay at home mom a few months ago, I knew my house would be spotless. While the baby napped I would clean to my hearts content and welcome my husband home to a spotless house with dinner ready to go on the table. Haha, who was I kidding?!?!

Here is the thing, this mess isn’t really a mess at all, it is proof that I live in my house and that life happens here. Those toys are proof that I I play with my son and the still packed bags are from trips that we went on where we made memories. Sometimes, I look at my kitchen and all my thoughts turn negative. I don’t like the mess I see and I don’t want to clean it up because it will take forever, but that mess meant we ate and I should be grateful to have dirty dishes to wash while some wish they had the crumbs we left behind.

Some days, Facebook with my biggest enemy. In our society, everyone filters what they show the world. For those of you who don’t, I thank you and strive to be more like you. Please don’t let someone else’s photos of their incredibly clean home make you feel worse about yours. They might have someone cleaning on a weekly basis and stay home during the week. If you stay at home and/or have someone clean your house, but you always find it looking like a tornado went through it, that is ok too. Lets stop the comparison trap.

Anytime I have company and don’t feel like my house looks spotless, I apologize repeatedly…why do we do that? Most likely, whoever is visiting doesn’t really care that the days mail is on the island and the throw pillows are all on the floor (I promise my messes are usually much worse). I know every time I visit someone and they apologize for the mess I realize that I hadn’t even had a thought about the status of their home cross my mind.

This morning as I write this post I will be honest and tell you that my house is pretty clean and picked up. It definitely wasn’t on Monday when I took the above photo, but for now it is. That being said, I have a guest bedroom with the door closed to cover up the mess in there and a basement with things everywhere, but right now at this point in time, it is where I am at.

I know that I will have many days, weeks or even months where everything will feel like a disaster in my house and wonder if I can ever get them in order again, but I will continue to remind myself that the mess is proof of life and living.


Have a great day friends and if you find yourself frustrated over a mess you encounter, try not to be so hard on yourself and remember what that mess means you have to be thankful for.