Medicine ball twist

Complete Fitness @ Home: W2W2

Today we have my favorite workouts of the bunch so far. I love the variety of movements in this one.

The only new move associated with this workout that you may not be familiar with is the medicine ball twist. To execute this movement, sit on the floor like you are ready to do sit-ups with your knees bent. Sit back until you feel your abs engage and take a weight in both hands and twist at waist from one side of legs to the other.

Here is the full set of exercises you will be completing today:

Week 2 Workout 2

I would encourage you to keep track of your sit-ups and pushups when you complete them. While a lot of the movements are timed, you can still time the overall workout if you want.

When I completed the overhead press I did so with one large book in each hand. You can use anything you have laying around that has some weight to it. When I did the medicine ball twists I did not use a weight, but picked my legs up off the floor and executed the movement. Here are my stats for the three rounds I completed with a 5 minute rest between each round.

Round 1: 12:59 minutes, 110 calories burned, 134 avg bpm, 57 sit-ups and 22 pushups (full hand release)

Round 2: 13:11 minutes, 107 calories burned, 130 avg bpm, 56 sit-ups and 18 pushups (full hand release)

Round 3: 13:35 minutes, 114 calories burned, 130 avg bpm, 50 sit-ups and  15 pushups (full hand release)

One day later and I am sore, but not the usual sore. As I mentioned before, I absolutely loved this workout!

One thing that helps me really push through my workouts is great music. I loved the music that would blare when I worked out at Crossfit and I think I finally found the perfect playlist. If you don’t have Spotify, download it (it’s free) and search for the “FestivusGames” playlist. It is awesome!!!

Have a great day…it’s all downhill from here!

All ‘Complete Fitness @ Home’ workouts were created by my good friend Melissa who is a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and avid runner.