Meal Prep

Sunday Meal Prep and the Drive In

Good afternoon! I am a little behind today, but to be honest, I am ok with that. My biggest priority is down for a nap and all others have been checked off my list…except for my kitchen, but I will get into that!


Meal prep is something I have always had good intentions of doing, but I usually fall short on. I get my grocery shopping done and then I prep right before or sometimes while I am cooking the meal that I use the items for. If I plan ahead, I usually feel less stressed and I know that cleanup will be a breeze.

Yesterday, I actually bought food and prepped what I had time for. There were a few additional things I would like to have gotten done, but I have an almost 10 month old and a husband that likes his movies so I do what I can.

Here is a look at all I pulled together. I think we all know that I am not responsible for prepping the packaged food, but I still wanted to picture it so you knew what I was putting into my weekly meals. There will be seasonings added in and coconut oil or olive oil, but look at home much fresh food there is in this photo!


Here is what our menu looks like for the week:

  • Monday- Chicken Quinoa Stir Fry (Prepared quinoa, carrots, kale, broccoli, red beans, chicken, garlic and ginger)
  • Tuesday- Shrimp Tacos with Roasted Sweet Potatoes (Prepared brussel sprouts, garlic and sweet potatoes)
  • Wednesday- Leftovers
  • Thursday- Chicken and Shrimp Fajitas with Cauliflower Rice (Prepared chicken and peppers)
  • Friday- Cauliflower Crust Chorizo Pizza with Roasted Brussel Sprouts (Prepared cauliflower and brussel sprouts)

I know that the sweet potatoes may seem a bit random, but I wanted to do them and they didn’t pair perfectly with anything. The reason I added them in Tuesday is because I usually eat too much when we make shrimp tacos. I hope that they will help fill me up so I don’t eat 5 tacos or something crazy!

I might have three recipes for you based on these meals, but lets just say, if the cauliflower crust is a flop, I won’t be sharing it ;).


As I briefly mentioned above, I didn’t quite finish all that I intended to prep because we decided to go see a movie. Mat is a pretty big movie buff and since Camden came along, we haven’t been able to see many in theaters. When Cam was four or five months old, we went to the drive in and it worked perfectly. He was awake awhile, we fed him, then he slept and we watched the movies. This was NOT the case last night.

To begin with, we planned to get dinner on the way so that we could eat while we watched our movie. A new Qudoba opened up recently and that was what we were planning on, but we soon found out they had a huge line. In the end, Mat ended up getting us personal pizzas from the Quick Trip down the road along with giant drinks! I love Quick Trip drink deals!!!


When we first arrived, Cam had just woke up from a little nap and he was great to let us finish our dinner. Mat got him out of his carseat and he enjoyed watching the movie for a little while.


Soon enough, I suggested we feed him so that he might lay back down and nap…this did not happen. It was like he got all hyper and just wanted to play and the car isn’t big enough for that. Finally, I decided to strap him into his carseat hoping he would give up, but he just cried.

In the end, I spend the majority of the movie in the backseat trying to entertain Cam with no full views of the screen. I don’t even know what happened in most of the movie. I definitely felt worn out by the end of the movie and just wanted my bed so we skipped the second movie. Once we hit the road, probably not even five minutes later, Cam passed out.

So, I don’t see any movies in my future unless they involve a baby sitter. At least Mat got to see the movie he had been wanting to watch…Spectre.


Have you ever been to a drive in movie?