Kettle bell swings

Complete Fitness @ Home: W1W1

Today is day 1 of the ‘Complete Fitness @ Home’ series! I hope you are ready to get on board with me and get this workout knocked out!

Lets take a look at what is on the agenda:

Week 1 Workout 1

These three basic exercises will get your heart rate up and give you sore muscles (but not too sore I hope). When you complete the squats make sure you are keeping your heels down and sitting back. Push ups can be modified by keeping your knees on the ground. If you still struggle with your push ups, or can only get through one round on the floor, switch over to a wall push ups. Please let me know if you have any questions on how to execute each exercise.

I had intended to get this first workout done during Camden’s nap, but he hasn’t been feeling the best and decided he wanted to watch me instead. I strapped him into his swing in the basement and went to work! I love how unsure he looks in this photo.


I mentioned on Friday that sometimes I add in additional exercises or moves to make the workout a little more challenging for myself. For this one, I added in 10 kettle bell swings at the end of each round at 25 pounds. Below you can see the equipment that I used. For this workout, none of these items are necessary, but knocking out sit ups on a concrete floor isn’t something I want to try.

IMG_4445 (1)

I decided to time my workout like I encouraged you to do. With my kettle bell swings included and quick trips to push Cam in the swing, this workout took me 12:02 minutes. I can’t wait to see how my time compares even a month from now!

Two days later, as I draft this post, I am still sore. I feel most of it in my arms and hamstrings. I always forget how sore workouts can make you when you haven’t been working out at all. Hurts so good!!!

I hope you have fun with this little number! If you try it, let me know what you think in the comments section. Happy WOD (that’s Workout Of the Day <–it’s a Crossfit thing)!

All ‘Complete Fitness @ Home’ workouts were created by my good friend Melissa who is a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and avid runner.