Jumping Jacks

Complete Fitness @ Home: W2W1

Good morning! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and are ready for the last full week before we enter Thanksgiving week. I am excited to keep the momentum going this week and knock out another set of workouts…I hope you’ll join me!

Today we are starting out with a workout full of exercises we practiced last week so I don’t think we need much explanation. When you complete the mountain climbers, make sure to note if you count each leg as one or you do one of each to get to a one count. I do the latter, which is twice the work as the other option, but just do what works best for you.

Here is the workout:
Week 2 Workout 1

When I completed this one, I finished in 8:22 and my heart rate spiked at 128!

I mentioned last week that I am planning a little giveaway associated with completing the workouts. I am still working over the details, but will fill you guys in as soon as I have all the specifics. For now, keep track of the workouts you complete because I know I will use that information to determine a winner later on.

Push hard, finish strong and enjoy the week!