Fall Goals Update

I am dragging big time this morning, so if this post doesn’t make sense, that is why. Camden decided to get me up four times last night!!! I truly thought he would be sleeping through the night by this point, but even if he doesn’t, I am still thankful to have a healthy baby that sleeps some.

About midway through October I wrote a post titled Setting Goals. To keep myself accountable, I decided to post updates on the first of November and December, but completely forgot on Sunday. I blame our busy weekend ;).


End Goal: 152 lbs.

Current Weight: 159 lbs.

As of this morning, my weight is 159 lbs. exactly. I use the Fitbit Aria Scale to track my weight each day and it provides me with my weight and fat percentage, which was 33.5% this morning…ugh. I decided I would throw in some photos to spice up the post and when I went back upstairs to step on the scale I was one pound heavier. Either my clothes weight a lot or what little I have consumed along with my clothes gained me another pound, I am sticking with 159!

From my last post, that is a three pound loss in roughly 15 days, meaning, I still have seven pounds to go. If I was being completely honest, I would tell you that I haven’t worked that hard lately. I really need to step it up in order to see the results that I want. I haven’t done a daily workout in a couple weeks because I have been lazy. I commit to doing one today!


Goal: Drink 75 oz. per day

I started out very strong on this goal and easily drank 75 oz. or more each day, but then I got busy and forgot to drink my water. I never allow myself anything besides water during the day until my ounces are in. Sometimes I do drink the occasional energy drink (It Works Energy), but never any soda. I think I just need to be more regular about thinking of this as a daily goal and not a long term one, you know, one day at a time!


Goal: Read 3 books

Current Standing: 1 Down

Last month I finished The Girl on the Train. I actually ended up starting it over from the beginning, but I got it done. Be sure to read my review here. I really enjoyed the book and started on my new one, One Step Too Far, last night. I read on my phone most of the time and the new book looks to be quite a bit longer than the last so I hope I get through it by December 1. Funny little coincidence, both books start out with the main character on a train!


Lets just drop this one off the list from now on…ok?! Seriously, I have been working like crazy just to keep my house in order and clean and it isn’t going to happen anytime soon. I do promise a room reveal soon enough! I have Camden’s nursery almost completely finished and am just waiting to iron out a few details (haha, like I literally need to iron his curtains) before I take photos. Up next will be the master bedroom. I know I won’t get photos posted of it until after the new year since we will hopefully get a few pieces to go in there for Christmas, but I will keep you posted on the progress.

For now that sums up where I am at with my goals. I don’t think I have done too bad considering all that has been going on. I did want to mention one other goal related thing while I was at it though. How many of you set mini goals randomly? I wear the Fitbit Charge HR almost every day. If you don’t know about badges, what it does is rewards you by giving you a badge for reaching little step or climb goals. I decided yesterday to beat my previous climb record and go for 75 floors and I hit it! I actually ended the day with 91 floors, but I will have to save the 100 floors badge for another time…my legs are so sore!

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 8.24.42 AM

I have a somewhat busy day ahead of me including guzzling water, getting in a workout, hitting 15,000 steps, cleaning the bedrooms, etc. One other perk of Cam not sleeping super hard in the night, he sleeps in like a champ and lets me get work done before he gets up. It is actually 8:28 right now and he is still out, although I have heard him rustling a little on the monitor. Happy Hump Day!

What are a few goals that you currently have?