New Weekly Fitness Series

Complete Fitness at Home

You guys, I am so excited to start the “Complete Fitness @ Home” series next week! Before I get into all the details, I need to fill you in on the woman behind this series.


Melissa isn’t only a friend, but she is also a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and avid runner. She was my personal trainer for well over a year and taught many classes at the local gym on a daily basis. At one time, Melissa was even a Level 1 Trainer at one of our local Crossfit gyms!

A couple months before Mat and I made our move to Kansas City, Melissa moved to Arkansas. If you live in the north east part of the state and would like her information please let me know. She is great at what she does!


A couple years back when I was out of shape, but aware of a needed change, Melissa helped me get on the right path. It all started when the youth group I worked with decided to compete in a Spartan Race! Periodically, a group of students and adults would meet to complete various exercises that would prepare all of us for the upcoming race. I had no intentions of participating in the actual race, but I got on board with the fitness part of it.

I am the type of person that will push myself to the breaking point…total muscle fatigue, I know you well. The first workout we ever did left me laying on the floor trying not to pass out. My vision went totally black!

As winter approached, I decided to start running with Melissa in the freezing cold each morning. I never said I wasn’t crazy and I spent many early mornings that winter with temperatures in the teens trying my best to just keep running. When I started, I was unable to run a full 1/4 mile, but with Melissa’s help, I eventually ran three half marathons and even ran 14 miles once without stopping!

Melissa was my personal trainer for well over a year and we only stopped running when I found out I was pregnant.


Awhile back, Melissa created a 42 week workout plan that provides three different workouts each week. With her permission, I will be posting these workouts each week for you to follow along with.

At 5:00 a.m. CT on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I will post each workout. If anyone prefers an earlier post time please let me know. If you like to workout in the morning, I would hope you aren’t starting any earlier than 5:00, otherwise, I hope you go to bed super early…I know I would have to.

I am about a week ahead right now completing the workouts myself so that I can provide you with any feedback that I have. I tend to add to the workouts, since I like to be sore when I walk, but I won’t post these additions to the graphics I create, however, I will still fill you in.

I would encourage you to time your workouts and/or keep track of your reps. Once the program is complete, you can revisit a few of the┬ávarious workouts and note your improvement. If you aren’t familiar with an exercise, either ask me about how to complete it or look it up online. Don’t sacrifice your form for a good time or high rep count. Please don’t forget to stretch!!!

Most importantly, have fun! The majority of these workouts can be done with either no equipment or minimal equipment. If you are already in shape or nowhere close, you can easily adapt the workouts to fit your fitness level.

Have a great weekend!

If you subscribe to my blog and received a notification of this post being published last night I apologize for the confusion. I went back to edit it and when I saved the changes I had made, it decided to go live…technology!