Current Baby Feeding Favorites

I am not a fan of feeding my child. I may sound mean to some of you, but I will be honest and tell you I don’t find any joy in it, except the funny faces Camden makes when he really doesn’t like something. For reference, this was after eating beef and beef broth. Anything beef is usually one of his favorites, but not today.
When I found out I was expecting I craved reading blogs of others in my shoes. I have been reading the same blogs for close to three years now and I had three froggers (translation: bloggers who I don’t know and have never met, but I feel like we are friends because I read about their lives and anything they blog about) who had been through pregnancy and birth. Literally every week I went back to their blogs and read about what they experienced that week. All of them had gone into labor early so I hoped I would too, but that didn’t happen.
Anyway, right before Camden came four of my other froggers announced that they were expecting! It was so exciting to read their announcement posts, but I was craving insider mommy information that they weren’t equipped with yet.
All of that to say, I am getting more product reviews than ever before for a stage my little man has already gone through. Thankfully, sometimes I run across some that are perfect for Cam’s stage and this this first item was one of them.
Lindsay over at Pillow Thought posted a video a couple weeks ago where she used the Fisher-Price Easy-Clean Teethe ‘n Feed. I decided I needed one and ordered it right away on Amazon only to be immediately frustrated when I found out it would be weeks before it came in.
It didn’t take weeks, but when it did arrive I had no idea what my husband had ordered. No joke, I sent Mat a text asking what he ordered from JAPAN. When I opened the package I realized what it was, but as you can see, all the writing was in Japanese. If you order this item from Amazon, remember the above information.
This thing is AMAZING!!! I started out putting ice in it just so Camden could get used to it. He is a huge fan of ice (is every kid like that???) and HE immediately took to it.
Yesterday, I decided to freeze yogurt in the little tray. I simply spooned yogurt into each section and put the lid on before popping it in the refrigerator. After I gave it enough time to freeze, and Camden was in his highchair with a bib on, I loaded the strawberry up. He LOVED it! When he would finish he would scream for another.
I will note that getting the food out of the tray is hard. Maybe there were directions for doing so on the package, but we all know I can’t read that. I put a little warm water in my sink and let it sit for a few minutes and they came right out for me.
Also, I don’t know about any of you, but the Teethe ‘n Feed toys with the mesh bag thing gross me out. This one is rubber so it just feels cleaner and even with nothing in it, it is great for teething little ones to chew on.
Today when Camden was eating lunch I realized that I didn’t have any baby food fruit left. We usually eat fruit for breakfast and he was out. I looked in the pantry and found some mandarine oranges and decided to pull out one of my baby shower gifts and put it to good use. I don’t know all the retailers who carry this little food processor, but I know Walmart carries it.
All I did was load it up with oranges and turn it on. I was worried that with the blade spacing I would have a lot of chunks left, but it was pureed perfectly! I won’t lie, I have plans to use this little guy to whip up some pesto soon. I know it isn’t as powerful as my larger food processor, but it does the trick, is much easier to use and isn’t as clunky (<– is that even a word?).
Since I had a bunch of orange puree and I knew he couldn’t eat it all, I filled up the freezer tray for the  Fisher-Price Feeder and put it in the freezer. I still had some left after that so I used my Boon SQUIRT Silicone Baby Food Spoon to feed Camden the rest. Needless to say, he didn’t finish it off, but this spoon has a handy lid for storage in the refrigerator.
I really like this spoon, but with guidelines on how long you can/should (I probably keep some around too long) keep baby food refrigerated and feeding multiple foods a day, I find myself turning to regular spoons a lot. It does make feeding much easier and I prefer to use it for foods with meat in them, but I don’t like doing dishes just to have this spoon clean for the next meal.
I really hope that if you have a little one that is eating food or will be in the future, you might have a good idea or two for products that can make the job a little easier. I knew because I didn’t like to feed Camden he wasn’t getting as much food as he should at this age. I am happy to say, he now eats three meals a day, most without fussing, and as for bottles, today he took a 6 ounce in the morning and when I tried to give him some before his nap this afternoon he didn’t take it. Maybe we have this figured out more than we thought!
Do you have any favorite baby feeding essentials?