Weekending with Friends

Before I get give you a rundown of my weekend, I just have to touch on the Royals winning the World Series! Mat and I are not huge sports fans, but we still enjoy going to a game here or there and love to cheer on our hometown teams. Last night we got in late so we went right to bed and then the fireworks started going off after the game. They did wake us up, but it was a fun way to learn that they had won. Such an exciting time for our city!


Back to the weekend…

For Mat and I, our weekend began a day early on Friday. We hadn’t had an opportunity to go back to south Missouri for a few months to visit friends, but Mat took off Friday and after he got home Thursday night, we left to stay at my sisters in Springfield.

Originally, we had planned to take some fall family photos on Friday morning before going to West Plains, but we ended up moving that to Sunday afternoon and went to get donuts instead!


I had heard about Hurts Donuts many times from my sister and others living in Springfield. They didn’t dissapoint! Look at all we had to choose from…


After consuming my red velvet donut and Mat his maple bacon donut, we hit the road to West Plains. Friday was our day to visit the most people. We stopped by our old offices and favorite lunch spot to pick up something to eat then went out to see the girls that Camden used hang out with during the day when Mat and I worked. It was so funny to see them all together since last time they were around 4 months. There was a lot of toy stealing and Cam freaking out over one of the girls screams, but it was still fun.

On Saturday, we woke up to a lot of drizzle and cool temperatures, but decided we would venture to Branson with some other friends and their four boys to go to Silver Dollar City. Eventually the drizzle cleared up and the sun even came out at one point. Mat and I had fun riding with the boys on various rides that they couldn’t go on by themselves.

That night after we got back to West Plains, we dressed Camden up in his Halloween costume to visit one of my friends. Camden was an ewok this year (totally his dads thing) and a cute one at that. Please ignore my crazy hair and all in this photo. Like I said before, we were out in the drizzle and my hair can’t handle that type of thing ;).

IMG_4407 (1)

Sunday morning we enjoyed some time with our Sunday School class before heading back to my sisters to take photos.

Thanks to a quick trip to Old Navy and JCPenney, we were able to coordinate perfectly and headed off to a cemetery in Springfield to take photos. I was hesitant about this because something about taking photos in a cemetery just seems not ok, but apparently, people do it all the time there. It was SO pretty and the leaves were amazing. I can’t wait to see out photos. Here is one that Mat snagged on the way back to the car…


After a quick dinner and a three hour trip back home we were all exhausted! It was such a fun weekend and a great time with good friends. Thankfully, I get to see a few of my other close friends next weekend at a conference!

Have a great Monday!