Weekend Recap

This weekend our little family packed a lot of fun into a short period of time!

Cam let Mat and I sleep through the night Friday evening and then Mat let me sleep in so I was ready to go when I finally woke up.

After getting ready and letting Cam nap for a little while, I grabbed some energy and we hit the road. I became an It Works distributor last week and am so excited to help others with the amazing products that have helped me. I’ll talk more about that later this week!

2015-12-05 11.58.56

After grabbing lunch at Joe’s Crab Shack, we headed to Barnes and Noble to pick up a couple books. I have been wanting one of Mindy Kaling’s books for awhile now and had also wanted to check out The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I also found the two children’s books that I was looking for.

2015-12-06 14.52.25

Once we got to the mall, we walked around to kill some time until Camden’s hat marks faded. He has the cutest little hat that we didn’t realize is getting too small and it left him with red lines on his head. We wanted to let them fade before our photo with Santa!

While walking around, we stopped at Hallmark to pick up an ornament for our tree that I have had my eye on. Mat’s parents gave us a cute Baby’s First Christmas ornament, but I knew I wanted this one as well. My baby ornament is very similar to this one and I loved the similarities between the two!

2015-12-06 14.56.30

Next was SANTA TIME!!! We waited in line for awhile only to find out they were switching Santa’s when it was our turn next. Camden was so over it already so I ran to the car to make a bottle and we fed him while we waited. Right before it was time to sit on his lap, I realized that Cam had dirtied his diaper. I apologized to Santa…hopefully he doesn’t skimp on gifts for Cam because of it!

2015-12-05 15.26.13-2

We ran a few more errands after the mall, but I think we were all ready to get back home.

Mat kept an eye on the little guy for a bit so I could apply a new set of Jamberry wraps! I love these…they’re called Midnight Celebration!

2015-12-05 20.05.35

Saturday night, Camden slept all night again and I even had to wake him up at 9:00 Sunday morning so I could get him ready for church.

After the service, we attended a wedding shower for some of our good friends that are getting married in a few weeks and shortly after we got home, Camden was ready to crash!

2015-12-06 13.12.45

Mat had to fly out of state for work which left the Cam and I with the house to ourselves for the night. After his afternoon nap, we went on a walk and then I completed another workout in the ‘Complete Fitness @ Home’ series.

2015-12-06 18.04.54-2

That sums up all the fun we had…or at least most of it! What did you do this weekend? Any fun plans for the week?