Celebrating Seven Years

On Sunday, Mat and I celebrated our seven year anniversary. It’s crazy to think we’ve been married that long. I remember that day so well!!!


This was the first year that we celebrated somewhere besides West Plains so it was fun to find a new place and way to celebrate! Thankfully, I have an amazing friend who is from the area and she was able to help me pick out the perfect restaurant.

On our actual anniversary, we just went to Red Lobster with Camden for a family dinner. It was fun, but dinners that take awhile to get always seem more stressful. We had a great waitress though and she helped by bringing fresh fruit to keep Camden satisfied until we were finished and ready to leave.


Last night, Mat and I went out for our anniversary dinner to a restaurant located in Briarcliff called Trezo Mare. It is an Italian restaurant, but they serve many other types of food.

To start out, a bread basket along with butter and parmesan cheese in olive oil was brought to our table. There were two types of bread, a very moist sourdough and another, but i’m not sure what it was.


For our entrées, Mat ordered the Fusilli Shrimp Diablo and I had the Wood Fired Salmon. Mats meal definitely had a spicy kick to the sauce that was so good, while mine had a sweeter taste with sautéed gnocchi and a lobster cream sauce.


Finally, it was time for dessert and I wanted it all! Everything looked so good, so we decided to order two deserts and share them. We went with the Flourless Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Bars. The latter was my pick and definitely my favorite!


It was such a good evening and a fun way to celebrate! Over the last seven years we have been through a lot together, but I was telling Mat yesterday, Camden is our biggest accomplishment so far!

I hope you all have a wonderful day!