Technology, why must you be so frustrating sometimes? I finally got a moment to sit down and draft a blog post and my phone will not upload my photos. Husband, I need your help fixing this tonight!

Because of this little glitch, I decided to e-mail myself all of the photos I planned to use in my post…problem solved!

Today, you’re getting a little bit of everything from the last week. If you remember, I vowed to get back to blogging more regularly…and then I went to my parents over the weekend and didn’t bring my computer. I was a little upset when I realized that I wouldn’t be able to share our fun weekend with you all, but now you can read all about it, just days later, haha!

On Friday last week, we had beautiful weather. It was in the 60s here! Thankfully, I have a friend that I made who is also a mom and native to the city. She is great about inviting Cam and I to do fun things that we wouldn’t normally think of…or at least think of in January!


Thanks to the great weather and Sarah’s text message, Camden got his first opportunity to play at the park…on foot! He loved walking all over the place and discovering everything for the first time.

On Saturday, we had intended on visiting the aquarium, but more nice weather led us to change our plans and head to the zoo!


Camden was happy to ride around in the wagon he got for his birthday from Mat’s parents! He also had fun seeing the otters and penguins and got to ride on the carousel for the first time…although I have no idea what critter he was riding on!

As I mentioned previously, on we made a trip up to my parents house on Sunday and arrived back home late Tuesday.

Yesterday, I finally got a chance to try some of my new essential oils while I cleaned and picked up throughout the house. I diffused BOOM off and on and loved the citrus punch!


As for today, we have a trip to the library planned if Camden decides to wake up early enough and I am on day two of a three day cleanse. I’ll share more on that later, but I am down 2.6 pounds since yesterday so I am pumped about that.

I hope that all you beautiful people have a great day…the weekend is just around the corner!



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