Complete Fitness @ Home: W6W2

When I have somewhat repetitive posts like these, I run out of introductions besides the basics so I am going to start giving you random facts! May be strange, but if you blog and have posted 20 consecutive posts that are all made up of the same thing, I am sure you understand.

Is sleep as important to anyone else as it is to me? Well get this, ants never sleep in their whole life. Glad i’m not an ant!

While we don’t have to work all the time carrying however many times our body weight like ants do, lets work out and improve on our strength a little!

Week 6 Workout 2

The first half of this one flew by, but the second seemed to drag on. I will give you my stats, but I know my time isn’t quite right. I started this workout while Camden was napping and he woke up towards the end so I had to run up two flights of stairs to get him.

I finished in 31.42 minutes and burned 209 calories. Pretty good in my opinion!

All ‘Complete Fitness @ Home’ workouts were created by my friend Melissa who is a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and avid runner.



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