Complete Fitness @ Home: W5W3

We survived another week and are that much closer to Christmas! What are you doing to stay healthy this holiday season? If you aren’t already following along with my workouts, now is as good a time to start as any.

Here is what we are doing today!

Week 5 Workout 3

All the movements are ones we have done before so I won’t do any explaining there. If you have questions on any of them just ask.

This one took me 21:19 minutes and I burned 121 calories. My hands were so sweaty when my did my last round of dips I thought they would slip off the chair. Also, that minute of jumping jacks was killer. Since it’s chilly outside, I just did steps rather than go outside to jumprope.

I hope you all have a great weekend. Just two more weekends of holiday shopping left!

All ‘Complete Fitness @ Home’ workouts were created by my friend Melissa who is a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and avid runner.


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