Complete Fitness @ Home: W5W2

It’s HUMP DAY!!!! Even though I work from home, Wednesdays are still very exciting to me because we are that much closer to the weekend and that means time with my family :)!

I hope that you’re ready for some ab work!

Week 5 Workout 2

The only new exercise that we have today would be the knees to elbows. When I used to go to Crossfit all the time, we did these using a pull up bar. Since I don’t have one at home, I did a different kind of knees to elbows.

All you need to do is get into a plank position with your arms fully extended (not on your elbows) and alternate pulling one leg forward to get your knee to your elbow or as close as you possibly can.

I finished this workout in 26:37 minutes and burned 150 calories. My abs felt so tight once I was done and I know they are stronger because of it.

Lets put this one in the books everyone!

All ‘Complete Fitness @ Home’ workouts were created by my friend Melissa who is a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and avid runner.



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