Complete Fitness @ Home: W4W3

Flashback Friday!!!

Ok, it’s not that exciting, but I am trying to build up the fact that we are looking back to a week one workout. When I looked at and pulled the workouts for this week, there were only two.

I decided this would be a great opportunity to go back and revisit an old workout to see the improvement we have all made.

Week 1 Workout 1

I completed this workout at my parents and didn’t do the kettle bell swings that I added in the first time I completed it.

The first go round, I did 10 kettle bell swings at the end of each round and finished at 12:02 minutes. This time, completing the workout as written, I finished at 6:56. I’m happy with that!

Let me know how you improved!


All ‘Complete Fitness @ Home’ workouts were created by my good friend Melissa who is a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and avid runner.


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