Old and New Christmas Traditions

Traditions are one of my favorite things about Christmas.

When I was growing up, we always sat out milk and cookies for santa and got up early to count down the minutes until we could wake up my parents.

Since I grew up on a farm, we would usually get into our stockings while dad did the chores and once he got done, we would open our gifts.

While Mat and I have been married for six years, we only established our first Christmas tradition last year. At 37 weeks pregnant, I think I mentioned seeing something about a Pinterest post involving cinnamon rolls in a waffle maker.

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 10.29.08 AM

Long story short, we made them, they were awesome and cleanup was the worst thing ever. I have decided we will continue this tradition despite the frustrations I experienced associated with cleaning my waffle maker.

Since we will travel up to my parents on Christmas day after opening presents and then to my in-laws a few days later, I plan to save the cleaning until we get back.

As for new traditions, I found one that I am definitely implementing this year.

2015-12-01 20.50.54

I found this idea on Facebook after someone I am friends with shared it. What you do is wrap up 25 books and open one each night in December to read. Camden has a ton of books so this is a perfect little tradition that he will love!

So far, I have enough books wrapped to get me through Friday night. I didn’t know I only had one roll of Christmas paper that was almost gone and I don’t have time to wrap 25 books at once!

2015-12-01 20.54.44

As we add more Christmas books to our library through the years, I will continue the tradition yearly. For this first year, the majority of the books are not Christmas related, but Cam doesn’t care.

I do want to find two books we don’t currently have for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Those two are ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ and a children’s book of the Christmas Story.

Between now and the 25th, I might decide we need to start another tradition or two, but right now, I am content at adding one for this year. Less is more in my opinion, especially when it allows you to really focus on the traditions you find most important and the real reason for the season!

What are your favorite family traditions? Are you starting a new tradition this year?



  1. I LOL’d about cleaning the waffle maker! Maybe that can be Camden’s chore when he’s older 😉 #parentperks I love the book idea! I am currently just doing a Christmas Eve box… A pair of jammies, a DVD (Elf this year / more for my liking than Dean’s haha!), and a new book for Christmas Eve. I want to do Elf on the shelf but will reserve myself until he’s older 🙂


    1. Becky, it was BAD!!! Like I haven’t been that frustrated at cleaning anything since then. A good job for Cam for sure!

      I considered the box tradition too, but may wait to start it in a year or so. I was talking to a friend about the Elf on a Shelf earlier today and how many ideas you would have to come up with over the course of 10 years or so…that stresses me out even with all the ideas out there!


    1. I love Christmas Pajamas on little ones! If you haven’t already picked them out, I am sure you will find plenty of adorable options. I just popped over to your blog to see your little guy and he so cute! Congratulations! I am sure that this Christmas will be one you never forget!


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