A Random Ramble

Sorry, you won’t get any cute photos today, just my thoughts. I have a lot of them rolling around my head today…

  • I don’t like baby gates. Yes they keep my child safe, but at 12:30 a.m. when the baby is screaming and you can’t get the stupid thing out of the way, you ponder risking your life and the possibility that if you jump the gate, you won’t land as intended and roll down the stairs possibly breaking a bone. Eventually, I got it moved out of the way.

  • When babies sleep past their usual wake-up your mind goes crazy. I don’t dare open his door to check on him and risk waking him up, but I think about standing there listening intently for a little breathing noise…I don’t think that urge as a parent ever goes away.

  • I really need to dust and vacuum, but I want to establish a routine for cleaning and I want Friday’s to be my lazy day. That means I will get to it next week 😉

  • I am determined to create a meal plan for next week and not spend a fortune at the grocery store. I always buy for random meals and half of what was good and fresh goes bad because I didn’t have specific plans for it. 

  • Trying to figure out a true feeding schedule for a little one transitioning over to solids is IMPOSSIBLE. Who knows what I will tell them at Camden’s 9 month check-up. “One day he wouldn’t eat so he had five bottles, but he did have food off my plate and then two other days he only had two bottles because he was hungry and ate lots of food.” Anyone else struggle with this???

  • Someone finally cut their sixth tooth…hopefully we have some relief soon. He has been chewing on his fingers like crazy today even, but this poor child is only 9 months old and has 6 teeth!

  • Lastly, I have about a million ideas for projects to accomplish this weekend and will be lucky if I get one checked off my list. Most likely I will wake up tomorrow and decide I don’t care and say we should be lazy then proceed to send Mat out for a pumpkin spice latte and a cheese danish while I sit on the couch in my pjs playing Yahtzee on my phone. Regardless, I am always relieved to have help on the weekend.

Have a great weekend whether it is super productive or lazy…just enjoy it either way!


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