Setting Goals

Goals drive me and the effort I put into something. I think it has to do with my Type A personality. I set mental goals all the time, but when I write them down, I usually carry through and do something about them.

Here are a few that have been rolling around in my head lately that I really want to accomplish. I have decided that I would set different kinds of goals so that I can focus on different areas of my life.


I still have baby weight to lose. I was so positive that when Camden hit 9 months I would be back to my old size…nine months and a 5 hour move later, I am still 8 pounds over the weight I was when I visited the doctors office to confirm I was pregnant.

Weight has been a struggle for me ever since I went to college. After freshman year I started packing on the pounds and didn’t stop until I had been married a few years. When I saw 189 on the scale I knew I had to do something.

I still look at this photo in disbelief. I really hit it hard with dieting and exercising and dropped over thirty pounds with watching what I ate. Soon I started running and even began CrossFit. When Mat and I were in Hawaii I was around 10 weeks pregnant, but in great shape.
During pregnancy I somehow managed to put on 50 pounds. This is something I never thought I would do and I have been fighting ever since Camden was born to get back to where I was…fighting at least part of the time.
Because I had a lot more muscle mass at 154 pounds and know I won’t have that back anytime soon, my goal weight is 145. I would love to get lower than that, but dropping below 150 was a struggle when I was active in CrossFit and running 20+ miles a week.
By the end of the year I hope to be at 152. That would be a 10 pound weight loss in about 2.5 months.
I try to drink water fairly often, but much of the time, I just drink whenever I think about it and then don’t hit my goal.
I try to drink 75 ounces a day and would eventually like to hit 100, but I need to let my body adjust before I up my intake.
I like to read, but often go through phases where I read all the time then I don’t read for weeks on end (except Facebook ;)).
I am making it my goal to read my current book, Girl on the Train, by the end of the month and two others before the end of the year. I have an idea on one I will read that is sitting on my nightstand, but I need to pick another one.
Since we moved our house has been chaos. I am so sick of it and yesterday I started the process of organizing the master closet. We have a big closet and I just knew we would have tons of extra space, but we have managed to fill it with no problem. I pulled a bunch of summer shirts to get rid of yesterday and plan to go through my winter clothes and shoes today. I will dedicate a post to my closet organization once it is complete.
Mat and I have said we want to finish our room, bathroom, closet, Camdens room and the garage by the end of the year. When I say “finish” I mean painted and decorated…DONE!
Hopefully some additional organization will take place in there too. I would love to have the main floor and upstairs all organized by the end of the year, but I am not holding my breath.
I have decided to keep myself accountable by updating you all at the first of each month through the end of the year to see my progress. I also want to print my goals out and hang them where I will see them daily to remind me the importance of accomplishing them.
For now, I leave this subject and will check in with you in about two weeks with my first goal update!

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